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Flip Benham

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Tier 1 - Personhood Now

Flip Benham advocates enforcement of the God-given right to life of all unborn children from the beginning of their biological development.

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    Benham baptizing Jane Roe

    Baptized Jane Roe: Uncompromising pro-life activist leader Flip Benham baptized into the Christian faith Jane Roe of the Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision. 1 Jane Roe's real-life name is Norma McCorvey and she has become an anti-abortion pro-life activist! 2

  • Director of Operation Rescue / OSA: The Rev. Flip Benham has directed Operation Rescue, the nation's most-well recognized pro-life protest organization since 1994. Legal ramifications from their fight against the billion-dollar abortion industry resulted in Benham's ministry going also by the name of Operation Save America. The mantel of leadership over Operation Rescue was passed from founder Randall Terry, to Keith Tucci (who was the director in 1991 during the Summer of Mercy  in Wichita, Kansas), who then passed the national leadership of Operation Rescue to Flip Benham. 3 4 5
  • Mississippi's 2011 Vote Validates Flip's Claim: For many years Flip Benham has said that abortion is only legal because those say they are pro-life Christians won't try to end it. But how do you prove that? Easy: take a statewide vote and see what happens when such pro-life "leaders" oppose personhood. Yes on Amendment 26 received 42% of the vote! This doubles the conventional wisdom of the pro-life industry that 15% to 20% of the public would support a total abortion ban. Yet this doubling was achieved even against opposition from the pro-life governor, the Catholic Church, and National Right To Life. During the decades that the 15% claim was used to discourge efforts to fight for personhood, that argument assumed that if the entire pro-life movement campaigned for the God-given right to life of the child, still, we might only get 20% of the vote. Yet 30% of liberal Colorado and 42% of Mississippi voted to end all child killing! And this is with much OPPOSITION from these pro-life "leaders." So what would be the result if they actually supported the effort to legally recognize the child from conception? Unless the Roman Catholic Bishops, and pro-life Republican leaders, and the pro-life industry groups, want to claim that combined they have virtually no public influence whatsoever, it is clear that the additional 8% for victory could have come easily if they would have courageously campaigned to uphold the sanctity of the child's life. "Mississippi's 42% clearly validates Flip Benham's claim that the only reason that abortion is legal is because 'pro-lifers' don't care to end it," says American RTL's director of research Darrell Birkey. "As Flip says, abortion will end in America when those who call themselves pro-life Christians want it to end."
  • Increase Social Tension: Flip Benham is the only pro-life leader who annually hosts a national event 6  which brings hundreds of Christian activists to save the lives of innocent little baby boys and girls at the very doors of the abortion clinics and to expose in the streets the wickedness of child killing.
  • Christ-Centered: With Flip's leadership, the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ permeates the outreach of Operation Rescue / Operation Save America!
  • Hosted Focus on the Strategy Filming: Flip Benham authorized a reenactment of this presentation before a live Christian audience of 300 battle-hardened pro-life activists at OSA's national event in Denver. Focus on the Strategy has become a blockbuster analysis of Christian political strategy. The original presentation was delivered at Focus on the Family to Dr. James Dobson's Vice President of Public Policy Tom Minner and to Dr. Dobson's judicial analysts. Thousands of copies of this video have since been sold nationwide and many credit it for putting the regulation 7  of child-killing on the defensive while the personhood movement is advancing. After a private screening, Benham approved the FotS presentation, and that filming became the first installment of the acclaimed Focus on the Strategy series. 8
  • Influenced Judge Roy Moore: Alabama's former Chief Justice Roy Moore was one of the many Christian leaders who initially praised the wickedly brutal Gonzales v. Carhart partial-birth abortion ban ruling. That ruling only imposed a four-inch variation on a partial-birth abortion, instructing abortionists on various "legal" methods of killing late-term babies, including by pulling the baby out to the navel instead of to the neck before killing him. Flip Benham invited Judge Roy Moore to speak at OSA's national event in Birmingham Alabama. At the same time, Benham's supporters raised $7,000 to run a full-page newspaper advertisement in the Birmingham News to teach the public about the wickedness of the PBA ruling, but also to reach Judge Moore who is such a courageous Christian leader. Shortly after the judge's appearance at OSA, Judge Roy Moore made a public apology and repented for having celebrated the PBA ruling. 9
  • Overpass Message: Toward increasing the social tension over child killing, in major cities around the country, Flip Benham has organized a dramatic highway overpass presentation. On successive overpasses, enormous signs are held by dedicated pro-life Christians. As a tens of thousand of commuters are driving into a city, they pass under the first overpass sign which reads, WHAT KIND OF CITY? Seconds later they drive under the second overpass sign which reads, WHAT KIND OF NATION? Then the third, Would do this? And then the fourth overpass displays the enormous signs of the evidence 10 of the holocaust: children slaughtered by abortionists.
  • Exposing Wickedness: During the 2012 Operation Rescue Charlotte event in North Carolina, personhood activist Ken Scott filmed this viral video, Abortionist Ron Virmani's "Ugly Black Babies" of Virmani who kills children whom he calls, "ugly black babies." On the abortionists doorstep are pro-life heroes Jo Scott, Dale Sochia, and Mark Gabriel. Media outlets embedding this video include London's Daily Mail, The Blaze, American Thinker, Washington Examiner, Canada Free Press, Townhall.com, Breitbart, Blackmediascoop, Fox News, and many other sites including the left-wing Daily Kos, which not surprisingly immediately took it down:

Video removed by YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH0QT_p481o

Other Operation Rescue members Ante and Cathy Pavkovic interrupted the first openly pagan prayer at the U.S. Senate. While it is a challenge to raise your voice to be heard across a large room and especially, to (rightly) interrupt other goings-on, the Pavkovis spoke with passion and their sober words were honoring of the Lord:

  • Personal Life: Flip served in the U.S. Army from 1970 - 1973 and after being honorably discharged became the owner and operator of the Mad Hatter Saloon in Florida until his conversion in 1976. The formerly pro-abortion Flip Benham, with his wife Faye at his side, soon earned a Master of Divinity degree in Orlando from Asbury Theological Seminary. Today the Benhams have five wonderful children and six beautiful grandchildren.Summary: The Rev. Flip Benham, and under his direction Operation Rescue/OSA, are among the leaders in the personhood wing of the pro-life movement!