George W. Bush

Tier 4


George W. Bush

Former President of the U.S. (R)

Tier 4 - Personhood Never

President George W. Bush did not introduce, lobby for, nor sign any law that acknowledged the right to life and so could stop the killing of even a single child. Instead he had an enormous pro-abortion influence, e.g., giving Planned Parenthood hundreds of millions of dollars more than did even Bill Clinton.

  • As a Republican President Whom Pro-lifers Elected: George W. Bush did much to destroy innocent human life, as easily documented:

    - by his own policies Bush approved of the killing of 3,340,624 children, see calculator below

    - his judges on the Texas supreme court gave that state its most pro-abortion ruling ever

    - his judges, with those of the two previous pro-life presidents, voted to starve to death Terri Schiavo

    - he and his two pro-life predecessors nominated a majority of the federal judiciary, which is pro-choice

    - although a consummate compromiser, he refused to support South Dakota's 2006 abortion ban

    - he hurt even more children by telling ABC he won't support protection of kids if some cannot be killed

    - he still gave no public support even after South Dakota immorally added his "exceptions" to a 2008 bill

    - he kept his very first campaign promise which was that he would nominate many pro-choice judges


    George Bush with baby

    - he kept his presidential debate promise to not oppose the chemical designed to kill children, RU-486

    - he never tried to outlaw the grisly stem cell research on the tiniest children

    - he became the first president to fund embryonic stem cell research

    - he publicly advocated a ban on human cloning but then killed that ban when it finally had its chance

    - he believes not every child should be protected by love and by law

    - he thinks a doctor should stop caring for a mom in crisis just long enough to kill her child

    - he supports the position that started the abortion holocaust, that children of rapists can be killed

    - his only absolute stand on life is his fight to keep it "legal" to kill those he says have no right to life

    - he never told the truth that the partial-birth abortion ban would not stop a single scheduled abortion

    - he rejects the God-given right to life and believes rather that he can decide if a child could be killed

    - he wanted to nominate pro-abortion Alberto Gonzales to the Supreme Court for life but was thwarted

    - he is proud of the pro-choice judges he has nominated, and never named one who held to a right to life

    - he is unable to name a single sitting Supreme Court justice who ever acknowledged the right to life

    - he is proud to attend the same post-modern denomination (and church) as Hillary Clinton

    - he was helped by his wife staying quiet on her pro-choice views until a day after his election

    - he is proud of the openly pro-abortion Bush women, mother, wife and daughters

    - he hurt the 2008 Republican convention by permitting only pro-abortion prime time speakers in 2004

    - he surrounded himself with pro-choice officials boosting the careers of those who kill children

    - his religious conversion is linked to becoming the evangelical liaison for his father's presidential campaign

    - and predictably, though against the promise of Nat'l RTL,  he gave hundreds of millions of dollars more to Planned Parenthood than Bill Clinton ever did.

    Sources below document the shocking and horrific Bush abortion legacy.

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    Book by Kengor

    The Political Conversion of George W. Bush: Paul Kengor, professor of political science at Grove City College, was interviewed about the political motivation of the religious conversion of George W. Bush. Prof. Kengor as the noted author of God and Ronald Reagan and God and George W. Bush is perhaps the best available source to corroborate the account of Bush's conversion to facilitate his father's presidential campaign. George H. W. entrusted his eldest son with the task of patching up the shaky relationship between H. W. and America's Protestant leaders. So dad appointed George W. as the campaign's liaison to the evangelical community, a task for which it would be politically invaluable for W. himself to convert. 1  2

  • Secretly Taped G. W. Bush "code words... I've accepted Christ": Longtime Bush family friend and well-connected evangelical Doug Wead secretly recorded more than a dozen conversations with George W. Bush often discussing Bush's faith as it relates to getting the pro-life and Christian vote. At one point Bush quoted Wead's own words back to him: "As you said, there are some code words. There are some proper ways to say things, and some improper ways." He added, "I am going to say that I've accepted Christ into my life." But Bush immediately added of course, "And that's a true statement." 3  4
  • Not Counting Those He Would Save: Not counting the children aborted under laws and court opinions that George W. Bush disagrees with, but only counting those whom he affirmatively fights for the right to kill intentionally, and those whom he says he will make no effort to protect by law, the total number of actual young boys and girls in America whom President George W. Bush supported killing is 3,340,624. 5

  • Will God Take Exception to the Bush Count? God didn't care about all the fruit Eve did not eat; nor did He mention all the women David did not violate; nor list the children whom Herod did not kill. God looks at the exceptions. Consider the Tier 3 pro-lifers and their approval of the former president for his child killing policies. These Christian leaders undoubtedly give George W. Bush a false sense of security that he can sleep well because God will approve of his pro-life "leadership." Eternal salvation does not come from opposing abortion but by being in a covenant relationship with Jesus Christ. But Christian leaders have used George W. Bush to further their own political agenda and have not warned him of the grave consequences of consenting to the killing of a single innocent child. 6
  • The Euphemism: George W. Bush has a word for the children he supports killing. He calls them "exceptions." 7  He argues that these children should not be protected by love and by law. Exceptions are a window to the soul. That window enables pro-lifers to understand all the aggressively pro-abortion actions committed by Bush while posturing himself as advocating "a culture of life."
  • Killed the Very Ban on Human Cloning He Advocated: Human Events reported that the Bush "White House hung the pro-life community out to dry" 8  as even the Family Research Council admitted that Bush killed what would have been "the most significant pro-life vote in this session of Congress," for a cloning ban teaches the public that a human being exists beginning with a single cell. Yet, after publicly advocating "a complete ban on human cloning," then behind closed doors George W. Bush killed that ban when it finally had its chance of passage, 9 and National Right To Life continued to mislead Christians to the end of the that administration, claiming that Bush was "urging a ban on all forms of human cloning." 10
  • The Bush Women Kill Unborn ChildrenMother Barbara, wife Laura, daughters Jenna and Barbara, kill children either directly or indirectly, by their support for Planned Parenthood and even by raising funds for the abortion chain as Barbara Pierce Bush did in March 2017 by headlining a Texas fundraiser for the child-killing organization. (And of course Nancy Reagan was "pro-choice" as was Reagan's V.P. and W's father, George H.W. Bush, who himself aggressively supported Planned Parenthood, the U.N.'s "Population Fund", and even China's horrific forced-abortion "one-child policy" that banned, of all things, brothers and sisters, all until he was tragically tapped by Reagan for the vice presidency. And George H.W.B.'s own father, Prescott Bush, was a national treasurer for Planned Parenthood.) That link above, to Laura being a pro-abort, shows that ABC News forgets but Pro-life Profiles doesn't, that the day after the 2000 election, and again just before the inauguration, Laura publicly voiced support for Roe v. Wade and that she was "pro-choice". Of course the son, grandson, husband and father would never let a little thing like dismembering children bring tension to the family.
  • Bush Keeps His First Campaign Promise by Nominating Pro-abortion Judges: Candidate George W. Bush's first campaign promise was that he had "no litmus test" regarding the killing of unborn children when it came to nominating judges. (Mike Pence effectively said the same about interviewing nominee Neil Gorsuch, whom they did not even ask whether or not he acknowledged the unborn child's right to life, nor even if he opposed abortion.) A 1999 Washington Post article begins, "Texas Gov. George W. Bush said today that if he becomes president he will appoint judicial conservatives to the federal courts, but he won't require them to agree with him on specific issues, including abortion." 11  12  Bush claims to oppose abortion, but his first public campaign promise was that he would consider appointing judges who believe it is OK to murder unborn children. Of course there are many reasons why Bush would reject judicial candidates, but killing kids is not sufficiently high on his priority list. In other words, when nominating judges for life-time appointments to the federal judiciary including to the Supreme Court, Bush would ignore the judge's opinion on whether it should be legal or not to kill unborn children. (The nomination of judges is about the only reason left that National RTL can give to pro-lifers for voting for the effectively pro-choice presidential candidates whom they endorse. Yet even on this, their core strategy, the candidates they endorse have nothing to fear from NRTL and so these candidates openly brag about ignoring abortion even when nominating judges. See also Sarah Palin who is following in Bush's footsteps who bragged about the 'qualifications' of the Planned Parenthood board member whom Palin appointed to the Alaska Supreme Court, and then Palin wrote that she too ignores abortion when nominating judges.) Then, in the first presidential debate in 2000, during which he promised not to try to overturn the FDA's approval of the RU-486 abortion drug, Bush repeated his pledge to ignore abortion when nominating judges. 13  The tactic having worked before, his re-election campaign promised to ignore abortion while nominating judges. Even when asked about whether he wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade, Bush answered, "...will I have a litmus test for my judges... the answer is, no. I will not have a litmus test." 14  After all, the pro-life industry had all along given him a pass for promoting pro-abortion judges, including Alberto Gonzales while Bush was Governor of Texas. One example of Bush keeping his first campaign promise is his lifetime appointment of Samuel Alito, who had already rendered many aggressively pro-abortion rulings.
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    Perhaps it's a result of wishful thinking when the pro-life industry says that George W. Bush is lying when he makes pro-abortion promises. But his record demonstrates the opposite, that he is not being forthright when he implies that he cares about the right to life of the unborn.