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Pat Robertson currently rejects the God-given right to life of every unborn person and he has yet to retract his horrendous defense of China's forced abortion.

  • Pat Robertson Rightly Calls Abortion Murder: Pat Robertson in an article on his website titled God's Word: Thou shall not murder, says that he believes that abortion is murder. 1  Of course this makes his later statements in defense of child killing not less but even more egregious.
  • Robertson Then Shockingly Defends Forced Abortion: On CNN Pat Robertson defended forced abortion in China. Appearing on Wolf Blitzer Reports on April 16, 2001, talking about China's outlawing of brothers and sisters by their one-child policy, and their widely admitted forced abortion, and hoping to avoid what he claims would be an "unsustainable" number of Chinese people, Pat Robertson egregiously said:


    Robertson & Blitzer

    "I think that right now they're doing what they have to do. I don't agree with forced abortion, but I don't think the United States needs to interfere with what they're doing internally in this regard."

    -Pat Robertson 2

    As the 700 Club founder, televangelist Pat Robertson evidences an extreme anti-Christian and elitist worldview in which children made in God's image can be killed to solve economic problems.

    So Robertson presents himself as an asset to China, but sees their own children as a liability to eliminate.

  • Robertson OK with Chinese Abortion Highlights Financial Interests: For misguided economic reasons, Robertson defends what he acknowledges is "murder" when the victim is a Chinese baby killed by the government. Such blatant hypocrisy can be explained perhaps by Robertson's enormous financial partnership with China's communist government. 3  "It would be hard to overstate the moral bankruptcy of those words," wrote Jeff Jacoby in Capitalism Magazine, by which Robertson "supports forced abortions in China but opposes voluntary abortions in America."
  • Robertson Sees Too Many Children as the Problem: Also in that CNN interview, Pat Robertson approved of the government outlawing parents having "three or four children." He says this even though China has a very low population density compared to other countries in the region with much higher standards of living like Taiwan and Japan. 4  Robertson's ideas and words give aid and comfort to the enemy in its global war against children with the weapons of abortion, infanticide, one-child policy, and the growing hatred of the family with more than two children. On the side of innocent children, Scripture says that children are a blessing from God. And even the Starbucks website featured a devastating report that China's one-child policy has led to massive female abortion and infanticide which has resulted in a male-to-female birth rate of 120 boys for every 100 girls allowed to live. 5  In truth, as Solomon wrote 3,000 years ago, "In the multitude of people is the king’s honor, but in the lack of people is the destruction of the prince" (Proverbs 14:28).
  • Robertson Opposes Mom Trying to Save Her Child: Pat Robertson has room in his heart to defend the bureaucrats who kidnap a mother desperate to protect her unborn child, who strap her down to a table, force open her legs, and kill her baby within her own body. Under the guise of apathy (which is a form of hatred), claiming "I don’t think we need to interfere," Robertson's defense of forced abortion is itself a horrendous interference in the moral fight of Chinese Christians and so many others to stop this genocidal crime against humanity. Germany thought there were too many Jews as the misguided today think that there are too many Chinese, too many blacks in Africa, and too many Indians on the subcontinent.
  • Robertson Further Harms Accountability Among "Pro-life" Leaders: With the increasing immorality tolerated by the national "pro-life" leaders of America's good-ole-boys club, not a single "pro-life industry" group or any Tier 3 or Tier 4 leader ever confronted Pat Robertson and called for him to repent and to ask Chinese mothers (like Shiu Yon Zhou) to forgive him. What China desperately needs is to stop oppressing their people, to give them freedom of religion including to preach the Gospel outside of the "government church," and freedom of speech. Basic liberty would help China, not killing little Chinese babies.
  • Pleased with Pro-Abortion Obama: Robertson states he is "remarkably pleased" with pro-abortion Barack Obama. 6
  • He Supports Killing As Many Kids As Bush Does: Pat Robertson told CNN 7  that he and George W. Bush had the same position on abortion, which is nothing to brag about since the Exceptions Calculator shows that President Bush while in office supported the killing of 3.3 million children, not by laws and rulings he disagrees with, but by his own policies.  that killing some unborn children, "doesn't offend me at all:"

ROBERT NOVAK: On the subject of abortion, sir, Governor Bush has said that he favors exceptions: rape, incest, and the life of the mother, even though those exceptions aren't specifically listed in the platform. Does that bother you?

ROBERTSON: No, that's been my position all along. Rape, incest and the life of the mother would be a carve-out. I know some that are very strong in the pro-life position think there should be no exception, because if they figure abortion is murder, then they shouldn't have any murder.  But I have certainly been willing in a political statement to say we would make those exceptions. That doesn't offend me at all.

By the moral principles documented in American Right To Life's must-read article, Oppose Exceptions Because, it is evident that Pat Robertson is comfortable with the murder of innocent children.

  • OKs Divorcing Sick Wife: In 2011 Pat Robertson said that a man who was committing adultery against his wife who has Alzheimer's disease should divorce his wife to start a new life. 8

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    Robertson & Guiliani

    Endorsed Pro-Abortion Giuliani: Robertson endorsed radically pro-abortion Rudy Giuliani for President. 9

  • Misleads Christians on Pro-Abortion Romney: Pat Robertson in October 2011 called Mitt Romney "an outstanding Christian" and said that that he likes Romney's politics. 10  (See the Romney pro-life profile for the documentation showing that on his own Romney ordered county clerks to issue homosexual marriage licenses, and that through RomneyCare he pays for abortions with tax dollars including even late-term abortion on demand, something far more egregious than anything Bill Clinton or Barack Obama have ever accomplished).


Pat Robertson says he believes abortion is murder but he defends forced abortions in China (because he thinks there are just too many Chinese people in the world), endorsed a radical pro-abort for president, is "remarkably pleased" with pro-abortion Barack Obama. Robertson laments that the Bible is not "more specific" on abortion but he obviously has not seen the many scriptures listed at Can the sixth commandment be any more specific than, "Thou shall not murder?" Tragically, Pat Robertson is pro-abortion with exceptions.