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Ann Coulter

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Tier 4. Personhood Never

Having endorsed for president the politician who had recently funded abortion on demand, including late-term child killing, unless she publicly recommits herself to the innocent, Ann Coulter cannot be trusted.

Summary: Coulter favors compromising with evil for the sake of political expediency. Coulter has no problem killing an innocent baby because his father is a criminal. Pro-lifers should never agree to put an innocent unborn person to death to save anyone's life. God does not authorize anyone to bargain with innocent life. Like Coulter, most people love the rapist and kill the baby. To the contrary, we should love the baby and execute the rapist. By compromising with evil, Coulter encourages the Republican party to continue to provide candidates who will kill innocent babies. As long as Christians continue to compromise Biblical principles, there will be no incentive for either party to provide "principled" candidates. The parties will only listen to pro-lifers when pro-lifers refuse to compromise Biblical principles and refuse to vote for whoever the party supplies just because the candidate is the lesser of two evils. St. Paul tells us to not do evil that good may come of it (Romans 3:8).